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READ the mystery story ASSEMBLE the 250 piece puzzle SOLVE the mystery just as the Famous Five did   Other titles :  The Haunted Hill Smugglers Castle

Zome Tool – Hyperspace Cube

The Hyperspace Cube Zome Tool Kit allows you to experience the 4th dimension first hand! Simple instructions make child's play of the journey from zero to 4 dimensions, using that most familiar shape -- the cube. Build different "flat" cubes, regular cubes and amazing "shadows" from the 4th dimension! The Kit contains 74 parts: 16 white nodes, 12 short blue struts, 24 long blue struts, 2 short yellow struts, 8 medium yellow struts, 8 long yellow struts, and 4 medium red struts, plus detailed instructions. Ages: 6 years +

Zome Tool – Crystal of Life

In the Cube Madness Zome Tool Kit, three different sized cubes seem to spin randomly around a central point... yet there is beauty and order to this madness! Each cube is in golden ratio to the next, and its corners touch the faces of the next -- always in the exact same relative place. The geometry is related to the 5 cubes of the dodecahedron and represents a mysterious link between nature and the human-made world. The Kit contains 83 parts: 25 white nodes, 12 short blue struts, 12 medium blue struts, 12 long blue struts, 10 short yellow struts, 8 medium yellow struts, and 4 long yellow struts, plus detailed instructions. Ages: 6 years +

Zome Tool – The 5th Element

The 5th Element Zome Tool Kit is great for people who like to make crystalline shapes. After earth, air, fire and water, this form was revered by ancient Greeks as the shape of the universe! The dodecahedron is widely regarded as the most beautiful of the 5 "perfect" Platonic solids. Anyone can build this big, beautiful model in a snap! The Kit contains 71 parts: 21 white nodes, 30 medium blue struts, and 20 long yellow struts, plus detailed instructions. Ages: 6 years +

Zome Tool – Pioneer Beginner Kit

Zome is a completely unique construction 'toy' in that it is easy enough for a 6-year-old to play with, while at the same time letting adult users build truly mind-boggling models. Many of the construction toys available today use magnets to stick together. That’s pretty cool, but unfortunately the weight of the parts restrict building any large or mobile structures. Zome uses precisely constructed pieces that fit together perfectly and offers the ability for kids to expand their objects in up to 61 different dimensions! When completed a Zome built object can be picked up, turned around, and examined from any angle. This kit has 121 pieces and is packaged with a plastic tray for sorting and storing parts. Ages: 6 years +

Bug Hunting Explorer Kit

This kit is one of an original range of Nature Kits developed by popular Wildlife Expert, Author and TV Presenter Nick Baker. Let Nick Baker guide you through a fascinating world full of wonder and delight using specially designed, professional quality field equipment and revealing instructions containing loads of notes, hints and tips. Use professionally designed equipment and quality, in depth literature to explore, study and investigate the amazing life of bugs and mini beasts that are commonly found in gardens, parks, fields and woodlands.

Smart Wood: Stacking Forms

This stackable tower combines stacking forms and asembly in one game. The happy pal completes the tower. Ages: 18 months +

Smart Wood: Magnetic Friends

Put some happy faces on your refrigerator door! These 3 magnetic friends can be stacked and joined together in many different ways. It always gives an "attractive" combination. Ages: 18 months +

Smart Wood: Fantasy Blocks

Your own house, garden, tree? With this fun stacking game, all sorts of combinations are possible. Create one of the suggested combinations or use your imagination for many more. Ages: 18 months +

Smart Wood: Bead Machine

Sort the beads according to each of the 24 challenge cards and turn the wheel whenever necessary. Ready? Then flip over the board & challenge-card and the race starts all over again! A beautiful toy that helps children discover, observe and develop fine motor movement. Ages: 3 years+


The High Performance Stomp Rocket is great fun for kids and adults alike. It is an exciting flight toy that requires no batteries. The complete kit includes the blast pad, hose, stand, and three rockets. These air-powered rockets weigh only an ounce and the stomp rockets have soft, nonpointy tips and are very light. The kit is easily assembled with easy-fit pieces and the launcher is adjustable so you can point the rockets at different angles. Stomp on stomp pad and propel the stomp rocket up to 400 feet! The harder you stomp it, the higher it flies! A crowd pleaser and great for some fun on the beach and at home.


Finally! A fun way to help you understand decimals, fractions and percentages. Flick the spinner and hope for a match to your hand of fraction, decimal and percentage cards. The more cards you put down, the sooner you win. A fun, visual way to help master a difficult concept. Spin round the board in a race to be first to return all your cards.

Toot and Otto

This simple strategy game makes for great fun as two players take the personality of Toot or Otto. Who'll be the first to spell his name? Each player starts off with 12 letter tiles, six Ts and six Os. By dropping these tiles down the chutes on the vertical game board, they begin their quest to spell their respective names. Toot or Otto can be spelled from left to right, up or down, and even diagonally. A second level of cooperative play encourages kids to play together. For head-to-head challenge that's second to none, TOOT and OTTO is a lot of fun!


All the family can now play Sudoku with pictures! - With Picdoku you get two versions of the game, there are 30 games with geometric symbols and 30. The aim is to complete each grid using the tiles provided. Some of the 81 squares have already been filled out for you - but you have to fill the gaps, ensuring that each symbol appears only once in each column and each row! For anyone who enjoys puzzling!

Safari Rush Hour

STEM Brainteaser Puzzle - Feel the rumble of the herd in this exciting safari adventure! Set up the game grid according to the challenge card, then maneuver your Escape Rover through a safari of wild animals. Rush Hour fans will love the new challenge of the larger 7 x 7 game grid and the Escape Rover that moves in all directions. Safari Rush Hour, as part of ThinkFun special collection of STEM games, encourages children to develop reasoning skills through fun, multi-level challenges.

Rush Hour

Traffic Jam Logic Game - It will take more than a little skilled driving to get the red car out of this traffic jam – it will take brainpower. In Rush Hour, a sliding block logic game, you have to battle the gridlock as you slide the blocking vehicles out of the way for the red car to exit. With 40 all-new challenges, ranging in difficulty, players can progress at their own speed. As one of the best logic games of all time, Rush Hour is a must for every household.